AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning Instructor

Ref: AIIN1121

Nasr City, Cairo,?Egypt?

  • About the Job
  • Job Requirements
  • –Epsilon AI looking for a multi-talented Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence instructor who has expertise in a variety of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning development technologies, who has a contagious passion for their craft.
  • –We are interested in candidates with a deep learning experience, who have developed algorithms and architectures, with potential application areas including Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Vision, and Artificial General Intelligence.
  • –Someone who has an obsession with constantly learning new technologies, a personal dedication to always be up to date with the very latest coding languages, deployment technologies, and industry best practices.
  • –Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing define the current state of the art of Artificial Intelligence.
  • –These technologies, which are a form of data mining and data analysis, continuously learn from the provided information.
  • –They recognize hidden patterns that often provide dramatic competitive advantages at relatively low costs to the organization.
  • –These technologies are creating significant improvements in the way we work, interact, and live to produce efficiencies never imagined before.
  • –These methods are being applied in a diverse range of industries including sales, marketing, advertising, health care, criminal justice, finance customer support and cool new industries like self-driving cars and highly efficient automated homes.
  • –Organizations today use these methods not only to improve their core business operations but also for developing new business models.
  • –Designs and develops the Machine Learning/Deep Learning course that is 100% up to date, meeting the latest industry standards
  • –Skills up new students who have not had prior Machine Learning/Deep Learning experience using the latest technologies and design tools
  • –Manages and delivers the course materials to trainees in an engaging thought-provoking manner in our online learning management system: Canvas
  • –Optimize and be flexible to change the course to suit the needs of your Trainees and new technologies semester after semester
  • –Diligently respond to Trainees needs and questions during the course schedule
  • –Solid understanding of deep learning techniques
  • –Excellent software engineering skills (Agile methodologies, Git, continuous development, etc.)
  • –Excellent programming skills (including OOP and preferably functional programming)
  • –Expert level in Python including Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn
  • –Expert level in PySpark
  • –Expert level in MLlib
  • –Acts as a technical mentor guiding students on a technical journey of discovery
  • –working experience in data science/machine learning/Deep Learning Solid machine learning foundation
  • –Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Computer Science or related field preferred
  • –A minimum of 1-year experience with research/development/application of Machine Learning Instructor/Deep Learning
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